5 Proven Strategies for Going Out to the Restaurant Without Overeating

Great food is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. This is probably one of the main reasons why we go to several restaurants, cafés and other food venues. After all, our home-cooked meals may not be enough to compensate for what these food venues offer in terms of taste, ambiance and overall experience.

However, for those who are turning in a new leaf and want to live healthier, going out to eat can cause anxiety and stress. The idea of not being able to identify what’s going in your plate, the amount of calories you’re about to intake, and the portioning you cannot control can cause you to think that your food restrictions and dieting measures are sabotaged.

If you’re afraid going out to eat can cause you to over-indulge and lose control, I am giving you five proven strategies that will guarantee moderation and enjoyment at the same time!

  1. Enjoy Food Throughout the Week – Your relationship with food must not evolve in restrictions and good days and bad days. You have to break away from misconceptions that don’t allow you to enjoy food all throughout the week. When you’re not getting pleasure from food and you’re presented with the opportunity to eat, chances are, your brain is going to signal you to eat whatever it is that you’re lacking.
  2. Eat Food that You Crave When You Crave Them – The more that you don’t respect your cravings, the more that it will persist. No matter how hard you try to replace your cravings, your body is still going to want the same thing. It is better to eat your cravings now than suppress it and later eat up to three times the amount you’re originally asking.
  3. Make Sure You’re Well Fed on the Day You’re Going to the Restaurant – Saving up calories leads to deprivation and extreme hunger. And, when your body is hungry, you’ll lose the opportunity to enjoy every sensation, taste and smell of the good food because your body is motivated to eliminate hunger.
  4. Use Mindful Eating Strategies – The best way to enjoy such good food is by stopping, chewing and thinking of the taste for every bite you take. Here’s a trick I often use. I imagine myself sitting next to someone who doesn’t have a sense of taste. I must help him by explicitly describing the smell, the texture, the taste, and every detail I can identify whenever I take a bite.
  5. If you overeat, move on – Use every setback as a learning experience. Honestly ask yourself, what did I do wrong that led to overeating? Learn from your mistakes and use them to guide your future actions. More importantly, forgive yourself.

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