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Right now, are you buckled in your seat to discover the next step? If you’re ready to embrace change, then you need to read this now!

Just when you feel like you’re down and feeling dreadful, you realize that tomorrow’s a Saturday. And, you know what that means. That’s the day you can enjoy the whole box of pizza, chicken wings, and a bucket of chocolate ice cream. After all, this is the only time you’ll probably eat them again especially when you’re on a restricted diet.

In this world of chaos and disagreement, I bet there’s one thing we can all agree with. Chocolates, candies, pastries, and pasta are the ultimate food choice that never goes out of style.

As a body-positive and health coach, I am not immune to the days where I don’t feel comfortable with my own body.

Curried Tempeh Spring Rolls

Refreshing, light and super flavourful, these tempeh spring rolls is such a fun recipe to do with friends and share on a hot summer day. The roasted cashew sauce that comes along with it and unreal and can be used for a bunch of other asian-inspired recipes.

Great food is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. This is probably one of the main reasons why we go to several restaurants, cafés and other food venues. After all, our home-cooked meals may not be enough to compensate for what these food venues offer in terms of taste, ambiance and overall experience.

You’ve had a long week, and it’s finally 5 PM on Friday night. You’re on your long commute back home from work and you start to salivate. The end of the work week means pizza, red wine, a giant bag of chips and bad movies. It’s your Friday ritual.

These protein cookies are perfectly soft, chewy with chocolate chunks or dates to make them perfectly sweet and basically melt in your mouth.

So you're ready to make a meaningful, permanent change to your health and lifestyle, but you have no idea where to start. I'm here to help.

Who said salads had to be boring and bland! Perfect for a warm summer day, this smoked salmon salad is incredibly refreshing nourishing and filled with ALL the good stuff to help you feel not only energized, but satisfied!

Plain and simple, these little balls of goodness are nutritious, filling and delicious.

Those infamous words are spoken by most people who have set out to change their body/lifestyle through rigid diet or strenuous exercise, only to be left extremely disappointed in themselves, beating themselves for lacking willpower, motivation or self-control so follow through on their goals.

Shifting to an all-plant week for a healthy diversity? Try my Indian inspired, plant-based fusion of tofu and chickpea! You’ll definitely love the nutty, aromatic, and nutritious experience of this dish.

I used to hate my job. I spent years in University studying a subject I was not passionate about : Financial Mathematics and Economics.

Let's be real... WEIGHT LOSS CAN BE BRUTAL. Especially if you’re using old, outdated strategies based on what barely worked in the 70’s and 80’s--much less today.

Chocolate. Bread. Cheese…. Is it really possible to have all of your favourite food and not ruin your progress? Or is that a recipe for disaster?

When it comes to health and weight loss, the biggest mistake people make is trying to make "changes" to their current diet and exercise, without understanding that their habits is the building block for improving their quality of life.

One of the greatest combination in the world is undeniably, pasta and seafood. The good thing is, you can now bask in its goodness at the comfort of your home. Check out my recipe for the whole family to enjoy!

Whether you’re looking to eat with a wrap, a pita, or even nachos, the Moroccan-spiced Lentils and Eggplant Stew is the perfect partner. The smoky, saucy and savory combination is sure to make you feel hungry for more.

Who says you can only eat pasta in lasagna? Indulge yourself in the hearty and nutritious aspect of eggplant as you make it your star of your next vegetable lasagna.

Say help to these guilt-free decadence! Try these flourless protein brownies for satisfying your sweet tooth with no added sugar. Plus, it only takes around 25 minutes to make!

Delight and nourish your body with a massive protein provider, salmon! With the combination of pecan and your choice of Dijon/maple, you can get the nourishment you need with flavors exploding.

Looking for a quick, filling yet delectable meal? The Jamaican Jerk Shrimp bowls combine sources of protein and vitamins plus the awesome taste.

Looking for an Asian-inspired bite? The Crispy Tofu Cabbage Cups with Peanut Sauce is a meatless yet savory appetizers that you can later transform into a salad.

Do you love mix and matching your food for different flavors, texture and aroma? The chicken pad thai is the perfect recipe to learn for integrating new proteins, new veggies and even different carbs.

There’s something about peanut butter that we can all feel delighted about. If you’re looking for a quick peanut butter fix, these peanut butter bars is a great option.

Fix your pizza craving with this healthy, ideal for people with gluten intolerance and diabetics, and scrumptious recipe. With only 3 ingredients to use, enjoy pizza goodness without the guilt!

Get your daily dose of nutrition with this powerfood! The sun-dried tomato creamy quinoa bowl is your go-to food for health and wellness.

Excite your senses with this flavor filled-meal. The Cajun Shrimp Bowl with Roasted Corn Salsa is like your comfort food with infused minerals and vitamins.

Eat your heart out with this hearty, exciting and easy-to-make meal. With the combination of beet and quinoa, you are guaranteed to get your nutritional fill.

Looking to satisfy your cravings with Empanada goodness? Why not try this meatless option? Still flavorful, healthier and less guilt!

Whether it’s a light meal or a hungry dinner, you’ll be filled with goodness, nutrition and flavor with the unbelievable combination of buffalo tempeh and blue cheese.

Make your salmon taste more exciting with this recipe. What’s more, you can cook this for under 30 minutes, perfect for a quick meal fix.

Enjoy banana-goodness with this hearty, easy, and nutrition-filled flourless banana protein muffin. Not to mention, extremely delicious!

Satisfy your need to munch on a burger with this healthier alternative! It’s high in protein, vegan and gluten-free.

Fill your body with seafood greatness with the high-protein and nutritious combination you can find in one bowl! Try the Tuna Poke Bowl now.

Take the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly in this fantastic, quick and hearty upgrade.

Who would’ve thought that shrimp could be made healthier? Entice amazing fusion of flavors with this magnificent and easy-to-prep recipe.

Rainy days aren’t complete without a hearty soup. This Chicken Pho Soup is nutritious, flavorful and easy to prepare.

Looking for an organic, healthy, versatile dip/sauce for your salads and other meals? Try this recipe for a cashew ranch sauce!

Another pasta dish that you need to try for its nutrition, flavor and easy prep procedure is the Smoked Salmon Pasta with Greek Yogurt Sauce.

Top your meals, dip your wraps and savor your food with the nutty and scrumptious flavor of the Cashew Date Sauce!

Bring your fish dish to life with this crispy, savory and healthy rendition!

Try this recipe for a vegan, healthier, diverse flavors and unique experience in substitute for a regular gnocchi. You’ll discover massive difference in a bite!