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Pre-Enrolment Ends in:

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Ditch dieting, stop obsessing over food and overcome binge/emotional eating for good

So that you can end your war with food, reclaim your health and live a life FREE from food guilt/shame.

Heal Your Relationship With Food & Reclaim Your Power

Our relationship with food is one of the most important ones we have, and it will dictate our food behaviours, how we feel about ourselves and ultimately, our overall well-being.

When it comes to eating in a healthful way that supports our goals and keeps us energized so we can do meaningful, impactful work, how we think & feel about food is much more important than WHAT we eat.

Yet, diet culture keeps bombarding us with toxic messages about our bodies & food choices, inducing shame and encouraging us to develop an extremely unhealthy mindset towards food.

Learning how to break free from this unhealthy mindset puts you back in control of your eating experience, letting you enjoy your food without guilt, stress or constant fear of "falling off the wagon".

Food Freedom means being free of unwanted eating habits like bingeing, emotional eating, stress eating, overeating, and yo-yo dieting...so that your life no longer feels controlled by food and you can focus on being more like the person you truly want to be.

Before you keep scrolling, let's talk about who this is for....

  • You feel out of control around food

  • You want to stop overeating, bingeing and/or emotional eating

  • You feel guilt, shame or anxiety around your food choices and/or your body

  • You’ve tried a bunch of different things (diets, calorie counting, cutting out food), but you haven’t been able to sustain it. You feel like you need more “willpower.”

  • You think about food & your body all day long

  • You have habits of self sabotage & all-or-nothing thinking, and want to change your behaviour for good

  • You are sick & tired of relying on quick-fix options like dieting, restrictive meal plans, counting calories, detoxes, weight-loss shakes, etc.

Let me know if you can relate to this:

  • You constantly think about food and feel like it takes up all of your time & energy. You're always thinking about your next meal, worrying about calories/points/fats/carbs, or feeling guilty for eating "bad" food.

  • You're so good during the day, but lose all self-control at night no matter how hard you try not to eat, eating everything in sight & feeling super guilty & ashamed for your lack of willpower.

  • You don't trust yourself with certain foods at home (like sweets or ice cream) because as soon have one bite, you can't stop and eat it all.

  • You turn to food the second you feel bored, stressed or sad. Food feels like your emotional clutch and only source of comfort.
  • You can’t stand to see food left uneaten - no matter how full you are, you have to finish your plate, which often leaves you feeling uncomfortably stuffed & disappointed in yourself.

  • Going out to eat at the restaurant or social events makes you anxious because you feel like you can't handle yourself around food. You HAVE to study the menu ahead of time and often eat way too much, leaving you feeling lethargic & guilty.

  • If you have a "bad" food like fries, pizza or cake during the day, you figure you've already ruined your eating for the day so you say "screw it", and have a full cheat day.

  • You're always starting again on Monday or on January 1st

Pre-Enrolment Special Pricing Ends in:

Special Pricing & Bonuses Go Away Soon!

I've been there. You start Monday and think "This week is going to be different. I'm actually going to stick to my plan".

And you do. For a few days. Until.... you fall off the wagon ...and feel like a failure.

And again, you vow to be better tomorrow. Until it happens again. And again. And the cycle never stops.

This cycle can go on for years...

But what if I told you that it didn't have to?

Food Freedom can be nothing less than life-changing

"I don't have any guilt or anxiety when I eat anymore and it's truly freeing."

"I don't have any guilt or anxiety when I eat anymore and it's truly freeing."

"So much of my life have improved with this program. I have the freedom of eating what I want and my body actually started craving healthy food! I never thought that would happen. I used to see fries & I couldn't stop. Now, it's take it or leave it! I don't have any guilt or anxiety when I eat anymore and it's truly freeing.

I feel physically the best I have felt in a long time. I don't have body aches. I'm eating well. I just feel healthy. This has been life changing. I just wish I had found it sooner. I would've saved all that grief and money from all those diets."

-Nancy, Food Freedom Academy Alumni



Food Freedom is so much more than "eating what you want, when you want".

Food Freedom is about understanding the psychology of eating : examining WHY we behave in certain ways around food, and how we can change these behaviours permanently.

It's about overcoming your physical & emotional struggles with food once and for all and allowing food to be part of your life, without controlling it.

Here's what that looks like....

Eating is easy, peaceful & guilt-free

Food Freedom is waking up feeling calm & confident with your food choices without having to overanalyze

everything you eat. It's breaking free from the love/hate relationship you have with food so that eating no longer induces shame, guilt, stress, confusion, frustration, judgement or feelings of failure.

Eating is sustainable, balanced & consistent

Food Freedom is reaching a healthy balance & consistency with your eating , instead of constantly being on and off the wagon, jumping from one extreme (strict restrictions) to another (bingeing). It's getting rid of the all-or-nothing mentality and finding the happy middle, where you can enjoy the foods you love while nourishing your body so that you can easily maintain that happy balance for the rest of your life.

You trust & listen to your body

Food Freedom is nurturing your body rather than starving it, by reconnecting with your body's innate ability to regulate your eating through its signals of hunger, fullness, and food preferences. When you learn to do this, your body will let you know when you've had enough before overloading it, and will let you know what foods are best for YOU. Here, healthy & intuitive eating feels natural , allowing you to get rid of calorie counting, dieting, restrictive meal plans or food rules to make food choices that honour your body.

Break free from old patterns

Food Freedom is breaking free of unwanted eating habits that affect your quality of life & well-being, like bingeing, emotional/stress eating, overeating, uncontrollable cravings, mindless eating, and yo-yo dieting. It allows food to be a joyful part of your life, without feeling like it controls you or is your emotional crutch.

Reach & maintain your healthiest weight

Food Freedom is gracefully maintaining a stable, comfortable and healthy weight that makes you feel your best - both physically & mentally. It is the weight you can maintain effortlessly without having to obsessively diet, restrict calories or go to war with your body. This is where your body is strong, healthy & full of energy. Your mind is clear, positive & not weighed down with insecurities, anxieties or fear.

Be the REAL you & focus on things that make your life better

Food Freedom is about the life you gain when you

heal your relationship with food & your body. If you have spent hours of your life counting calories, fixating on your next meal and feeling guilty for what you eat, Food Freedom is nothing less than life-changing.

You get to free up all that wasted time & energy spent fixating on food so you can focus on being the person you truly want to be, doing things you love and being present for the experiences in your life.

"I don't feel like food is the enemy anymore"

"I don't feel like food is the enemy anymore"

"I had done all the diets and failed them all. This is the first time in my life that I actually feel like I have my life again! I don't have to worry about food anymore. I never thought this would be possible for me. I used to wake up and think "ok, what am I going to eat? What CAN I eat?". I don't even think about it anymore. Meal times are fun, there's NOTHING I can't eat and I don't feel like food is the enemy anymore! I've gone back to cycling & running, things I had let go because I just had no energy. If I can do it, anyone can! "


⚠️ But there's just one little problem...⚠️

You've likely be lead to believe that your lack of willpower is the problem.

That YOU have failed.

And you've been fed a few lies by the diet industry like...

  • You need to cut out sugar & carbs
  • You have to count your calories/macros/points
  • Fasting will improve your metabolism
  • Willpower is solution to bingeing
  • Dieting will help with self-control
  • You just need to eat less & move more
  • There are "good" and "bad" foods
  • You should keep junk food out of your house to crave it less
  • You need to cleanse, detox or "get back on track" after eating a lot

Let's be real. You're a smart, busy and successful women in many areas of your life.

Yet, when it comes to food, it's the ONE thing you can't figure out and you feel like a total failure.

You're not a failure.

Research shows that 95% of diets fail

No matter how many failed diets you have under your belt, YOU (and your body) are not the problem.

But there is something fundamentally wrong with your approach...


You're relying on broken & ineffective strategies

The traditional approaches of dieting, calorie counting, food rules, fasting or meal plans to control your eating are thoroughly broken. If you have gone on a diet before, and regained the weight it is not because you have low willpower, it’s because diets are DESIGNED to FAIL.

They simply fail to address the root causes underlying your struggles; they force you to focus on stuff that isn't sustainable and make YOU feel like a failure when they inevitably fail. When you're wrapped up in trying to diet perfectly or blaming your willpower, you're not actually looking inward to understand your own behaviours or relationship with food, which accounts for over 80% of your food habits

Ultimately, diets strip you of hope, confidence and any chance of long term success.


Diets make food harder to resist

If you've restricted food and don't eat along with your body's natural needs, such as when hungry or full, there are specific hormones that fire off designed to make you eat.

When you repeatedly tell yourself "no", cravings for specific foods get stronger, and even turn the food into "forbidden fruit" , creating an addiction-like mentality towards it. Restrictions don't teach you how to live with all foods in moderation, they teach you to avoid them, which is never realistic long-term. Restrictions also create cravings that intensify over time and eventually result in a binge. This is not due to a lack of willpower, - it is your brain's natural & normal response to restriction & deprivation.


Diets damage your relationship with food

Instead of figuring out a maintainable lifestyle for you with the foods you enjoy and understanding what healthy looks like for your body, diets redefine what "good" and "bad" food is, make you overly conscious of what you eat and overrule your natural intuition, making eating a confusing, overwhelming and frustrating experience.

Instead of learning how to nourish yourself, you learn how to deprive yourself, in a constant yo-yo back and fourth focused on weight loss rather than overall health, driven by dissatisfaction with your body instead of self-care and nourishment.


You're missing key skills

Ever felt like "you know exactly what you should be doing, you just aren't doing it"?

If that resonates, its because knowing what to do (and eat) is only a (very tiny) part of the solution. In fact, food & fitness only account for 16% of my client's success. The rest comes down to radically changing your mindset and upgrading your skill set so you know exactly how to do it consistently from one day to the next.

Changing deep-rooted patterns is a complex undertaking, and most people never learn the true skills required to create consistent, sustainable change in their lives. Lasting change with your eating doesn't come from following a diet, counting calories, or eating clean. In fact, it does't even start with the food at all. It starts with psychology.

In practice, this means learning how to change the emotional relationship you have to food and reconditioning your brain that is subconsciously controlling your behaviours around food.


You're lacking the right kind of support

Healing your relationship with food & changing your habits permanently can seem impossible and HARD if you aren't given the right tools, knowledge and action steps to never turn back to dieting. When I was struggling, I had no one to help me , worked on my relationship with food on my own and stayed stuck for much longer than I needed to be. That's why I created the Food Freedom Academy. Nobody should have to go through this alone. I created the exact program I WISH I had when I was struggling.

The fastest, most effective way to transform your health, habits and relationship with food is to work with a coach who has the experience & expertise to guide you through the Food Freedom process. You need someone who can help you make sense of all the conflicting advice; who understands your challenges; and who can pinpoint your "blind-spots", teach you the key skills, give you honest feedback, hold you accountable and keep you focused, consistent and on track. Do you have someone in your corner like this?

When something doesn't work it doesn't mean you've failed.

But it does mean you need to pivot, shift your strategy and try a different approach.

The diet industry has led us to feel bad about our bodies, to feel guilty about enjoying food, and to waste years of our time, money and sanity jumping from one diet to another, hoping to achieve a big promises that diet culture makes to us.

There’s a 70 billions dollar a year industry solely focus on robbing you from your self-confidence and making you feel like you can't trust yourself to make food decisions. The weight loss industry the weight loss industry (aka diet culture) only profits when women doubt themselves.

It’s estimated that by the time most women hit their 45th birthday, statistically speaking, we’ve tried 61 diets, plans, programs, detoxes, cleanses, meal plans, regime, an eating system. In an unending battle to shrink our body, change our eating habits, and, hopefully, change our life. That’s the equivalent of 31 years obsessing about food and shrinking your body, while spinning in a circle.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The truth is that lasting change & confidence with your eating doesn't come from following a diet, counting calories, or "eating clean".

In fact, it does't even start with the food at all.

Life-Changing Food Freedom happens in your mind.

It happens when you change the way you think, how you see your body and your relationship with food.

It happens when you learn the skillset you weren't taught growing up : reshaping your mindset, working through your inner blocks and rewiring your diet brain that's currently manipulating your behaviours with food & how you feel about yourself.

That's what we teach you in the Food Freedom Academy.

Your eating patterns simply reflect how your brain is currently wired to respond to food.

Once you learn how to work WITH your brain & body to resolve the driving force behind your food challenges ....

....you become unleashed and powerfully FREE to eat what you want, love your body, never spend another minute spinning out on food or weight and, as a byproduct, transform every other relationship & facet of your life.

This has been the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me."

"This has been the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me."

"This program has changed my life. Food Freedom has meant that I don't have to think about food all the time. I wake up and I don't think about food. I can just live, and be happy and be healthy. Everything is more enjoyable in my life. I'm in tune with what my body is telling me. To stop letting food control me has allowed me to be myself and be present. This has been the most freeing thing that's ever happened to me."

-Erin, Food Freedom Academy Alumni

Are you ready to break free from dieting & overeating, rid yourself of food guilt and become the best version of yourself?


The Food Freedom Academy

A 12-week transformative online group coaching program to heal your relationship with food & build life-changing habits so that you can reclaim your health & joy around eating

The Food Freedom Academy is my signature program and the only coaching program of its kind. This is the FIRST program the combines Intuitive Eating, Mindset Work, Holistic Health, Food Psychology and Subconscious Reprogramming all in one to achieve permanent Food Freedom & lifestyle changes.


The Program

The Food Freedom Academy is a 12-week deep drive coaching program taught by Sabrina Magnan (Holistic Health Coach), intentionally designed to help you get down to the root of your food challenges, forever transform your relationship with food and help you create a healthy lifestyle that works for YOU.

  • Quit dieting forever

Breaking free from your dieting & restrictive mindset will be nothing short but life-changing. By learning how to shift your thinking around food, I will help you reconnect to your innate eating intuition so we can help you figure out what works for YOU and your body. Then, by mastering specific habits & skills, you'll be able to eat and feel better than ever, without restricting yourself or feeling deprived. This will allow you to rid yourself of self-sabotage and all-or-nothing thinking, so that you stop the restrict/binge cycle and finally live in the happy middle ground of balance & enjoyment for LIFE.

  • End the food obsession for good & feel relaxed while eating

Say goodbye to obsessing over counting calories, points, fats, macros and all that destructive brain chatter that's robbing you of being truly present in your life. You will learn how to get back in charge around food, take your power back, silence your internal Food Police, overcome damaging self-talk and free your mental space to achieve more, live larger and be your best self for you & the people you love.

  • Become an Intuitive Eater

There is not single diet that works for everybody. We are all unique and have different bodies, metabolisms, challenges, life circumstances, wants, needs and goal. Through Intuitive Eating, you will learn how to eat confidently and trust yourself with food. You will eat in a way that feel right to you, listens to your hunger/fullness signals, takes into account your food preferences and nourishes your mind & body. Intuitive Eating will guide you back into the world of "normal" eating so that you can feel relaxed around food and eat from a place a self-care, not punishment.

  • Master your mindset

Your brain is an incredible, powerful and super malleable tool that can change your life - if used properly. You will learn how to REWIRE your brain and

change your thoughts and beliefs learned over the years of exposure to diet culture. I will teach you how to coach yourself into positive, productive thinking and confidence, and see the ripple effect in your daily actions, behaviours and outlook on life.

  • Transform your body image

You will learn how to change the way you see your body so that you can truly feel confident and self-accepting, regardless of your body size. Using various techniques, you will develop a deep sense of self-respect, increase your self-esteem and discover self-worth that will bleed into all areas of your life. Making peace with your body will be one of the greatest gift to give yourself and have a massive impact on your everyday mood, well-being and the example you set for people around you.

  • Build life-changing habits that last

Just knowing what to do will never be enough to create long-lasting changes. Human behaviour is complex and goes much deeper than knowledge. Instead, I will help you understand your own habits, why you've had such a hard time changing them, and finally, I will give you a 10-step process to changing your behaviours permanently. When I break everything down into small steps you can easily implement and help you develop the skillset crucial for long-term success, you'll be able to create life changing habits that will transform your physical & mental health , your body, and your relationship with food.


The Process


The Coaching System


Healing your relationship with food & permanent behaviour change can seem impossible and HARD if you aren't given the right tools, knowledge and action steps to never turn back to dieting.

Most attempts to change habits & patterns fail because life gets in the way or people go about it the wrong way. But this all changes when you get the support from an expert who can provide timely advice, feedback and clear direction ; and who will keep you focused, consistent and on the right track no matter what challenges arise along the way.

Your relationship with yourself and food is the most important relationship you'll have in your life.

To make sure you are supported every step of the way during your Food Freedom Journey, you will have access to:

1) Weekly Live Coaching Calls

1) Weekly Live Coaching Calls

Facilitated through Zoom, each week, you will be able to join exclusive face-to-face virtual sessions with Sabrina to receive personalized coaching, get your questions answered, share your wins and hear from the other women on the same journey as you. You will leave each call with clarity and a specific action plan to overcome any barriers you're facing along your journey.

2) Food Freedom Academy Online Course

You get LIFETIME access to the exclusive members-only library of resources consisting of 12 self-paced modules which provide you with me proven Food Freedom Liberation Method to guide your journey step-by-step with education & specific action steps to help heal your relationship with food & reach complete Food Freedom. Through video trainings, worksheets, guides and reflective exercises, you will be given everything you need to walk away with your life changed.

3) Private Community Facebook Group

3) Private Community Facebook Group

Transforming your relationship with food and rewiring your mindset around eating & your body is a long-term effort, and with a supportive community by your side, you'll be able to achieve your Food Freedom breakthrough so much faster. This will be your safe place to ask any questions, post daily to hold yourself accountable, get encouragement from the other members and support each other every step of the way. You'll create an indescribable bond with your fellow Academy Members and walk away with new lifelong friendships

4) Continuous support and weekly accountability check-ins

Mindset shifts and permanent behaviour change are long-term projects that rely on consistency, and accountability is EVERYTHING! Through these check-ins, you can submit your questions, and I will keep you on your very own success path so that you are continuously moving forward.




"It’s been incredible. To be free. To not think about food. To have fun & play with my kids"

"I used to be so controlled by food. It’s all I could think about, all day, every day.

 I never thought that this program would change my life like it has. I never thought I would be remotely capable of doing the things I already done. Let alone having hopes & dreams that I have now. It’s been incredible. To be free. To not think about food. To have fun & play with my kids.

I never thought I could “do it”. Do anything, really. Just to be free of thinking about food. I don’t think about it. Let alone obsess over it. Now, I feel hopeful. Inspired. I have 10000 times more confidence that some of these things are actually possible. Because if I can go a day without obsessing about food…what can be harder than that.”


"This should be taught to everyone in schools"

"Before, I felt guilty if I had a banana. Now, I can have chocolate without overthinking it or losing control. I'll have one piece and walk away. This the first Christmas I didn't overeat. I've learned so much through this program. ...I'm much more organized. I learned to focus on things that really matter to me. I don't overeat and I can control myself around me. I'm also much more confident.

To anyone who's thinking of doing this program : don't wait. Just go for it. This was an investment for me and I don't regret it one bit. This is something everyone should do and it should be taught in schools. It's so different from anything I've ever done. You learn something which you will use all your life."


"I can't say enough good things. I wish everybody could feel this way & have this experience"

"I had been through every diet plan there was out there. So I was definitely skeptical about this program. But it has honestly been life changing.

Now, I eat what my body craves. If I want dessert, I'll have it & I don't feel bad or overeat. But I also don't crave foods like I used to! When I let my body just tell me what it wants, I tend to want food that is good for me & nourishing. When I eat by listening to my internal cues, that's what my body wants - just healthier type foods.

I couldn't have done this without Sabrina's help. I can't say enough good things. I wish everybody could feel this way & have this experience. I would hate to think that anyone is still where I was 12 weeks ago."



The Teachings

To support When you join, you get LIFETIME access to Online Course which combines Intuitive Eating, Mindset Work, Holistic Health, Food Psychology and Subconscious Reprogramming all in one to help you break free from your food battle, rewire your mind around eating and create long-lasting life-changing habits so that you can become the best version of yourself.


Course Curriculum

Welcome to the Food Freedom Academy Program! How To Make The Most of This Program

Module 1- Setting Up The Foundations For Your Success: Your WHY & Goals

Module 2- The Essentials: Mindset

Module 3- Break The Diet Cycle

Module 4- Re-Learn To Listen To Your Body

Module 5 - Getting Rid of Food Guilt

Module 6- Silencing Your Internal Food Police

Module 7- Navigating Emotional Eating

Module 8- Body Image Healing

Module 9- Nutrition 101

Module 10 - Joyful Movement

Module 11- Mastering Your Habits

Module 12- Complete Liberation : How To Maintain Food Freedom Forever

Bonus Module - Intuitive Drinking, Time Management and more!

Q & A Section

Program Guarantee

You either find Food Freedom with our process, or you get your money back.

You have 6 weeks to test drive the program. I'm so confident that the Food Freedom Academy will transform your life, that if for some reason, after 6 weeks of following my proven framework, you don't feel like this is EXATLY what you need to heal your relationship with food & break free from yo-yo dieting...

I'll refund what you paid for the program.

Yep, you read that right!

If you follow my frameworks by the letter, put in the work, show up to at least one coaching call a week, and you don't feel progress, I'll wire you your money back.

That's how confident I am in the Food Freedom Academy.

You won't find this kind of guarantee anywhere else.

Are you ready to stop restricting for good so that you can live a life free from food obsession & guilt ?

Meet Your Coach

Sabrina Magnan - Holistic Heath Coach

Meet Your Coach

Sabrina Magnan - Holistic Health Coach

Hi! I'm Sabrina and I'm a former chronic yo-yo dieter turned Holistic Health Coach.

Through my Food Freedom Liberation Method (FFLM) , I've helped hundreds of women transform their relationship with food, reclaim their health (physical AND mental), and get back in charge of their lives.

But before I could coach & support others, I first needed to heal my very own disordered habits & mindsets around food.

I started dieting when I was 16. I tried too many diets to count (1200 calories, counting macros, vegan, low-carb, cutting out sweets...) What started as an innocent desire to feel & look better quickly turned into an obsession with food & my body.

I constantly thought about food. It dictated my feelings, thoughts, actions and experiences.

I'd repeatedly move from one extreme (dieting and restricting) to another (bingeing & being off the wagon), without ever finding a healthy middle ground.

This cycle repeated itself for far too many years, leading me to feel isolated & hopeless.

I eventually hit rock bottom. I felt more obsessed with food & my body than ever. I felt ridiculous, like "I should be able to figure this out on my own. It's just food!"

Eventually, I was fed up with living this way and I needed to find a way out.

And I did.

I did things very differently.

And that's precisely what the Food Freedom Academy is all about - offering you a different approach, when all else has failed.

Through my own struggles, I realized that this isn't easy, and nobody should have to do this alone. I wanted to create a program that I felt like I needed through my years of struggling.. That’s when I decided my new passion lied in helping people cultivate a healthful relationship with food & get back in control of their lives.

And now, I've created the Food Freedom Academy which gives women the skills & support they need to successfully overcome their fears & obsession with food, and move on to living a better, fuller life.

I'm honored you're here and can't wait to show you how to change your life FOR GOOD.



  • Am I am right fit for this program?

This program was created for women who:

✅ Are struggling with one or more food challenges (bingeing, emotional/stress eating, late-night overeating, cravings, food guilt) that are impacting their quality of life;

✅Have a love/hate relationship with food and feel trapped in an endless tug-of-war with food & their bodies;

✅ have tried lots of things over the years, but just can't seem to make anything stick;

✅ have a sense that they are their own worst enemy and that they are constantly sabotaging themselves, despite all their good intentions to get healthier

✅ Are sick and tired of relying on quick-fixe options like dieting, restrictive meal plans, counting calories, detoxes, weight-loss shakes, etc, and are now ready to discover & implement genuine long-term solutions to put an end to their food issues once and for all

✅ Feel confused, frustrated and stuck... and are willing to take responsibility for making a change in their life and work with someone who will provide expert guidance, support, feedback, coaching and accountability to finally end their food struggles once and for all.

The majority of my clients have struggled with their eating and weight for a long time. And most have discovered that their years of dieting and trying various other programs and approaches have not actually provided the long term results they were hoping for. So, if this sounds like you, you are the PERFECT fit for the Food Freedom Academy.

  • How do I join the program?

This program requires an application to ensure we are the right fit to work together. You will be asked a variety of questions on the application to determine whether or not the Food Freedom Academy is right for you. You will have the option to communicate with me personally via email or book a free discovery call.

I will be 100% honest and if it's not a right fit, I will kindly let you know and email you some alternatives to find another way to best support you at this stage in your journey!

If I believe that this program is EXACTLY what you need to solve your food issues once and for all, I will invite you to enroll and get you set up with everything you need to get started ASAP and start your Food Freedom journey.

  • How long is the program, and what’s included?

This program is 12 weeks (3 months long). Getting to the stage you're at with your body, health and relationship with food didn't happen overnight. It's taken months, years and possibly even decades to reach this point. So, it's unreasonable to expect that you can turn all this around in just a few weeks... which is exactly what most diet and fitness programs would have you believe.

Building new habits, learning new skills, creating new mindset shifts, and rewiring your neural pathways for food freedom doesn't happen overnight. In reality, there are no short cuts. And that's exactly why the FFA process is designed around a 3- month time frame. It’s only natural that it takes time to heal, unlearn deep rooted beliefs and permanently transform your behaviours & mindsets.

When you’re inside, you will have access to LIVE group coaching calls (replays sent out), regular Q&A sessions to support your journey, a private Facebook group, weekly update & accountability check-in emails, bonus trainings and lifetime access to the online Food Freedom Academy Online Course consisting of video trainings, workbooks, guides and journal prompts to help you create a life free from food. You will not find this level of support at this price point anywhere else.

  • When are the weekly coaching calls?

To accommodate for different times zones & schedules, there are two options for the weekly zoom coaching calls. You can attend the one that works best for you, or both!

Mondays at 7:30 pm EST

Wednesday at 11:30 am EST.

More calls may be added as the group grows. The group is kept small to ensure you get your personalized attention & coaching on each call.

All calls are recorded and sent back to you at the end of the week to rewatch if needed.

If you can’t make it live, NO WORRIES! I’ve have had plenty of clients find success by watching the replays. You can pre-submit a question so I can still provide an answer.

  • How much time will I need to dedicate to this program?

I get it, you’re busy! I’ve had everything from single moms, business owners and busy full-time career women in the Academy. Your weekly commitment will be entirely up to you. My job is to help you be as strategic, productive and supported as possible with the time that you do have.

You’re given LIFETIME access to the online course to work through the modules at your own pace and come back to it whenever needed. I’ve even had moms love the content so much that they sat down with their kids to teach them a positive food & body mindset.

The live weekly coaching calls are an hour each. The calls are not obligatory -you can attend as much or little as is feasible for you - but I highly recommend attending as you will be able to talk through any challenges you’ve come up against, ask your questions, get coached directly by ME and connect with the other members of the group who are on the same journey as you.

Here's one other thing to think about. Over the years, how much time have you honestly invested (or wasted) in dealing with your challenges with food, body and weight? Probably quite a bit.

And how much time are you currently spending thinking, obsessing, analyzing and stressing about your body and food?

And so, when you finally get all this stuff sorted, just think how much more time and energy this will genuinely free up. In the end, the FFA process isn't about adding more things to your to-do list. It's really about finding a way that transcends all these challenges so you can genuinely give more of your time and attention to the things you truly love.

  • I'm terrified to fail again. What if this doesn't work for me?

This is the biggest concern most people have before they join FFA. Every client I have ever worked with had that same fear: “what if it doesn’t work for ME? What if I’M the exception?”.

There are all kinds of fears you may have. Fear of failing. Fear of doing the work. Fear of the unknown. Fear of change. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of how others may react. Fear of asking for help. Fear of feeling vulnerable, opening up and sharing your biggest and scariest struggles... and so on.

I completely understand why you feel that way. Especially since diet culture has instilled in so many people the belief that YOU are the reason why dieting hasn’t worked, when in fact, dieting was never meant to work in the first place. Remember that 95% of diets fail. 

So firstly... congratulations for being human! Having all these fears is perfectly normal and natural. But allowing them to hold you back, push you around and prevent you from taking action is a tragedy.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons people continue to struggle with food and weight, is because they've never allowed themselves to seek the kind of high-level guidance and support they genuinely need.

So if that's you... please don't make this mistake any longer. 

I have helped hundreds of women in your shoes to heal their relationship with food & create a life of food freedom through my proven step-by-step framework. My clients who apply my method & follow my framework find amazing success. I’m so confident in my approach that I have removed all risk for you and am offering a 6-week money-back guarantee. 

If you'd like to take a big leap forward with your health, your eating and your weight, it's time to stop hiding. You owe it to yourself to step up, take action and get this stuff sorted. But only YOU can take that first step. No one is going to do it for you. YOU must put yourself out there, invest in your health and prioritize your needs. And yes, it will still be scary. Change is scary. That's part of it.

In the end, it really comes down to this...

Do you want to be more committed to your fears... or you dreams?

  • What makes this program different from all the other non-diet health & wellness programs out there?

For far too long, we’ve been inundated by negative messages about food, weight and diet. We’ve been told that we’re willpower weaklings or that we need more control. We have been told it is a simple question of calories in versus calories out. We hear so much conflicting advice from experts and every magazine contains a new 'miracle diet'. The truth is that

The result is people are confused about what to eat, and how to have a happy relationship with food and a healthy metabolism.

After struggling with my own food & body issues for 8 years, I know that the solution to long-term change goes beyond just focusing on food.

We need to reshape our minds.

My proprietary and holistic approach, the Food Freedom Liberation Method, integrates Intuitive Eating, Cognitive Behavioural Psychology, Holistic Health, Food psychology and Subconscious Reprogramming to achieve transformational change in your relationship with food, mindset and habits.

This is the only program that combines all of these 5 areas combined with a non-diet approach to food and body image, to help you finally understand WHY we behave in certain ways around food, and HOW we can change these behaviours permanently. Once you take your power back from food, you'll free up the mental space to achieve more, live larger and be your best self.

As a result, not only will you heal your relationship with food and your body, but you will also experience life-changing transformations in your relationships, career, passions and outlook on life.

This is NOT another diet, mindset coaching program, intuitive or mindful eating plan or "lifestyle change" (aka diet dressed up in a stylish macros-micros/food-point-counting/keto outfit).

This is a deep transformation at the level of your subconscious mind to resolve the driving force behind food & body issues and change your habits so you can be powerfully FREE to eat what you want, love your body, never spend another minute spinning out on food or weight and transform every other facet of your life.

*This program is only for women who are ready to stop quick-fixes and do the work to get to the root cause of your food & body challenges so that you can resolve them FOR GOOD,

  • I feel like I want to try ONE more diet before investing in healing my relationship with food.

This is a common thoughts and is known at the "one-last-diet" trap. It looks something like this:

I’ll just do this one last diet, lose the weight for good, and then I’ll deal with my food issues.

Even though I always gain the weight back, I have a strong feeling that this diet will be different.

I’ve sworn off dieting, but so many of my friends are raving about this new program, I think I’ll give it a try.

I’m going to be really good this time so this will be the last diet I’ll ever need to do.

This program isn't a diet; it's a lifestyle change, even though it requires cutting out a bunch of foods and weighing myself daily.

While the desire to lose weight is completely understandable given our weight-stigmatizing culture and its obsession with unrealistic body standards, falling into the one-last-diet trap ignores the fact that diets don’t work.

There is not one study that shows that any intentional weight loss program leads to long-term weight loss. Instead, research has found that 95 percent of dieters eventually regain the weight they lost and up to two-thirds gain back more than they lost.

Different diet, same results.

Rebound weight gain is not due to a lack of willpower, poor self-discipline or following the wrong diet.

Your body isn’t wired for restriction. It’s wired for survival and will fight deprivation through hormonal changes that increase appetite and decrease metabolism.

Although it may not feel like it, your body is trying to protect you.

Be honest with yourself.

So, it is important to be Informed & be honest with yourself when it comes to your own personal experience with dieting and other forms of food restriction.

Would you describe it as successful, even if you regained the weight?

How has it affected you physically, mentally, emotionally and socially?

How has it impacted your relationship with food and your body?

How much of your time, energy, headspace and money has it wasted?

Is it truly aligned with what you value the most in your life?

When you reflect on your dieting history, you'll likely see all the more clearly how futile and harmful dieting can be. This is such helpful information to remember the next time you're tempted to try one last diet.

Dieting won't bring you peace.

If you want a peaceful relationship with food and your body, it can’t be achieved through dieting. If anything, dieting will only exacerbate your challenges.

Rather than put all your energy toward depriving yourself for a short-term result with potentially negative side effects, what if you put it towards healing your relationship with food and your body so you can avoid the traps and get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all?

The Food Freedom Academy is PERFECT for you if:

  • You are sick & tired of trying quick-fixes like dieting, restrictive meal plans, counting calories, detoxes, weight-loss shakes, etc.

  • You want to improve your relationship with food and stop letting it control you, once and for all

  • You want to stop the restrict/binge cycle, and instead find a happy middle ground where you can nourish your body with healthy foods while still enjoying your favourite food without guilt or losing control

  • You want to free up your time, energy and mental space to focus on bigger & better things, instead of obsessing over food and your body

The Food Freedom Academy is NOT for you if:

  • You're after instant results or you just want to lose some quick weight before your wedding, holiday etc.

  • You're not willing to experiment with different strategies, learn new skills, build new habits or create the head-space and mindset shifts needed for long term success

  • You don't want to eliminate emotional /stress eating, binge eating, mindless snacking and food anxiety.

  • You aren't willing to invest in your health & well-being to create a different and better future for yourself.


Carol's Food Freedom Story


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If part of you is saying "This all looks great and all, but I've tried everything, and nothing has worked. This won't work for ME. I'm the exception"...


There isn't a single Food Freedom Academy member who didn't hesitate before joining the program because they were terrified to fail again.

Every single one of them thought that their food issues were simply of matter of having more willpower and discipline.

And every single one of them had been trying to convince themselves that their struggles with food weren't "bad enough" and that this should be solvable on their own.

They thought they'd be the exception for whom this wouldn't work.

Those women weren't any different from you.

But they now know that all of those stories were wrong.

They were all lies fed to them by diet culture, keeping them stuck & unhappy for so much longer than they needed to be.

And if you choose to keep believe those stories for yourself, they could stop you from achieving the life of freedom & peace that you so desperately want & deserve.

Ask yourself : "How will my life ever change if I keep holding on to my limiting beliefs?"

Limiting beliefs are those false beliefs about yourself that hold you back from pursuing your true goals & desires.

They put boundaries & limitations on what we believe we are capable of achieving.

They unnecessarily hold us back from doing important things and becoming who we want to become.

You don't have to believe those stories anymore. You don't have to settle anymore.

Three months from now, you could be one of the success stories you've seen on this page.

You have an opportunity to make a decision today that could change your life forever.

I promise, this is possible for you too. Let me show you how to escape the Diet Prison and create a truly amazing new life.

Are you ready to stop restricting, feeling powerless to food and shaming your body?

Now is your time to create a different life

"I now know this it is possible to get to a good place. You're not too far broken"

"I now know this it is possible to get to a good place. You're not too far broken"

" I want anyone struggling with this as that you're not unsaveable. I remember thinking that that I was too far gone. That there was no helping me - that I was going to be like this forever . That I would just always be that girl who has an unhealthy relationship with food.

But give yourself the chance to have a nice relationship with food & yourself. Don't rule yourself out, because I remember "it's not going to work for me. I tried everything....I tried EVERYTHING".

It is possible to get to a good place. You're not too far broken".