Food Freedom Academy Case Studies

"Will this work for me?"

This is one of the most frequently asked questions from women who want to heal their relationship with food, stop dieting and become intuitive eaters. If you're filled with fear and doubt, that's 100% normal. I'd think there's something wrong if you didn't feel that way!

Here is just a few examples of the kind of transformations women have experienced through Food Freedom Academy.

Janet's Food Freedom Story

Bess' Food Freedom Story

Erin's Food Freedom Story

Amy's Food Freedom Story

Nancy's Food Freedom Story

Amanda's Food Freedom Story

Antoinette's Food Freedom Story

Chloe's Food Freedom Story

April's Food Freedom Story

Iren's Food Freedom Story

Carol's Food Freedom Story

Denise's Food Freedom Story

More FFA Members wins

More FFA Member Wins

​"I wish people could see how I was versus who I am now after working with Sabrina. It’s such a huge difference and everyone in my life has noticed. For me , and I’m not even exaggerating, it’s been life changing. It’s meant everything to me. It’s amazing to me to be able to wake up and know that I’m naturally a healthy person now. It’s just who I am. I’m a person who enjoys eating healthy, and I get up early, I’m intentional with my days, and my days have just changed. I’m a different person and I’ve never felt happier in my life."