Why Do You Overeat?

Why Do You Overeat?

Rediscover a peaceful & relaxed relationship with food and your body

End your war with food and find freedom from overeating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting once and for all.

Rediscover a peaceful & relaxed relationship with food and your body

End your war with food and find freedom from overeating, emotional eating and yo-yo dieting once and for all.

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Meet Sabrina

Non-Diet Holistic Health Coach

Make peace with food.

Free yourself from chronic dieting forever.

Rediscover the joy of eating.

I help chronic dieters put a final stop to bingeing, overeating and emotional eating by healing their relationship with food so that they can create healthy, happy lives free from dieting, food guilt and obsessive thoughts around eating & their bodies.

Life is about so much more than the number on the scale or the calories you eat. Eating doesn't have to feel like a math equation. Eating doesn't have to take over your entire life. You deserve to live your life FULLY, enjoying food without feeling controlled by it.

I want to show you how. Let's start living a life we won't regret when we look back on it, shall we?

Keep scrolling and I'll tell you more.

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to make yourself miserable on restrictive diets to be healthy.

Even bigger shock, most diets don't actually work.

In fact, 95% of diets don't work , to be exact.

If you've been chasing health & weight loss goals for longer than you care to admit...

Then you've probably got a whole lot of information about what you "should" be doing to get there. But you're not doing it.

So what do you do next? You start thinking YOU'RE the problem. You blame your lack of willpower.

Right? Am I getting close?

You think if you just had rock-solid motivation and discipline, all your health goals would come true.

Here's a dirty little secret...

YOU are not the problem, my friend.

You've been taught a severely outdated and chronically ineffective game plan that's only been set up to fail.

And trying harder to win in a game that was meant to be lost.... well that's just a whole lot of wasted effort, time and money.

So if the thought of going on yet another diet, cutting out foods you love & feeling hangry and deprived makes you sicker than the green kale smoothie you try to pretend you like - it might be time to call for backup.

But hey! It's not all bad news. Because when you finally realize that YOU are not the problem, but your strategy is, then you can go to work and find another strategy.

How about one that is kinder maybe? Sustainable even? May I dare say... enjoyable?

I know, I know, sounds made up.

But guess what.

That's why I'm here.

"I could write a novel about my experience with Sabrina. I had been struggling to lose weight & keep it off for years. I was in a vicious cycle of tracking & measuring all my foods, working out hardcore, and then any little setback in my progress would put me off track. I didn't realize that I was falling into an obsession trap, which was affecting not only myself but everyone around me. I was depriving myself of foods, rest and self-love.

Sabrina taught me how to build the right habits, how to take care of my body & my mind, gave me the skills to practice throughout the process and taught me how to cope with every negative element that I faced along the way. The journey to a healthier you is not simple after years of dieting, but Sabrina will be there every step of the way to make it work for YOU."