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If you constantly find yourself adhering to your diet perfectly for a couple of days, only to find yourself caving & uncontrollably binging on ALL foods (then feeling guilty for lacking willpower), today we are going to help you understand the fundamental mistakes that cause this cycle. We’re going to explain why trying to double down on discipline and willpower isn’t the solution and how to get out of this “binge and restrict” cycle for good.

Sabrina knows your pain. “As a nearly professional ex-dieter, I know how exciting the first few weeks of a diet can feel – the praise and dopamine boost you get from people noticing your progress. And your jeans finally fitting!”

She continues, “But I also know the heartbreak that comes from trying to relax just a little bit – having a cheat day turn into a cheat week, eventually falling right back into the old habits that got me dieting in the first place. (actually… being worse off than when I started, with an extra layer of shame, guilty and misery that comes with the failure of yet another diet.)”

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Keto diet, intermittent fasting, cabbage soup diet, that juice Dr. Oz swears will melt fat... we've all tried something along these lines at one point or another. On this episode of Sweet Sometimes Sour, guest Sabrina Magnan brings her experience as a Holistic Health Coach to touch on the topics of dieting, body image, and changing your relationship with food.

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Do you find yourself overeating and binging? Or having so many rules around food that it feels like you can’t eat anything? Today, Sabrina Magnan joins me to talk about the 3 steps you can take starting right NOW to heal your relationship with food!

Here are some key takeaways:

  • Why rejecting the notion that dieting works is key to your success
  • The negative effects of dieting that you might not know about
  • Cutting the cord from things that tie you to diet culture
  • Doing uncomfortable things to improve your relationship with food (hint: bye bye scale!)
  • Journaling the food rules you’ve subconsciously made for yourself
  • And so much more!

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Most of us understand by now that sweeping changes don't last- it's the small habits that truly create long-term change in our lives. But what is it that makes creating habits so hard-- and how do we create habits that actually stick? I'm talking with holistic health and mindset coach Sabrina Magnan all about what it means to do just that.

In this episode, we chat about:

• Sabrina's journey from competitive synchronized swimming and obsession with health to finding true balance

• why habits win over quick fixes

• the problem with being goal/results focused

• why you need to focus on systems/behaviors instead of grand goals

• habits as an identity shift

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Do the holiday meals have you thinking about your next diet?

Have you been saying next week or next month for when you’ll start focusing on your health?

Building a sustainable lifestyle includes your health just as much as your wealth plan and today’s episode with Sabrina is all about that.

You’ll hear us discuss:

Unhealthy habits we’ve learned Short term vs long term weight goals Customizing your health needs and not generic advice Portion control and balancing food groups The importance of water How to be mindful with your eating habits

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Your Next Season is a self-development podcast where people can share their journeys of self-growth. Everyone goes through many seasons in life. You are right where you need to be and can be looking forward to Your Next Season.

This week's episode features Sabrina Magnan, a holistic health coach who helps people to change their mindset and relationship with food to fit with their lifestyle. She throws out the "diet" mindset and brings pleasure back to food. Listen now to become a mindful eater.

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Are you ready for a daring adventure?

Are you looking for the best version of yourself?

If so, you're in the right place! Let's embrace the adventure of sparking potential together!

Think Courageously loves to challenge successful women to ignite your life and expand your limiting thinking about change.

In this episode, we discuss:

• Moving to self-care vs. negative self-talk

• How to be honest about our health goals

• The “if” of perfectionism

• Intuitive eating

• Strategies for getting Healthy by Habit

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Have you ever heard the saying that willpower is just a muscle that has to be strengthened? Don't believe it! Willpower is a limited resource. What you really need is positive habits aligned with an empowered identity for lasting success.

In this episode, you'll hear from my guest, Sabrina Magnan, board-certified health, mindset, and habit coach. She specializes in helping women (typically chronic dieters) heal their relationship with food, and create a lifestyle that will improve their health in a sustainable way.

She talks about the role of our beliefs and identity about who we are as part of the habits (positive or negative) that we engage in daily. Our identity is living proof of who we believe we are. Are your results and identity incongruent? You don't want to miss this episode!

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Tess Connolly talks to Sabrina Magnan, Holistic Health, Mindset and Habit Coach about Intuitive and Mindful Eating and how she works with women and mothers about being compassionate with themselves about their bodies and how they eat.

• The importance of being an “intuitive eater” and how it can improve your physical and mental health and how we are feeling as we

• Letting go of the focus on weight loss (outcome) and put the focus towards long term health promoting behaviors.

• Being a role model for our children will learn from what we do, not what we say.

• How we assign morality to our foods with our children

• Importance of creating a well balanced plate and the purpose of our foods

• Have kids connect to food by shopping and cooking together and making healthy foods available to them

• How to be mindful and grateful for the foods that we have on our plate

• Sabrina is grateful for her challenges and struggles she has had in her life

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Learning how to take care of her body in a way that didn't involve dieting, deprivation, or restriction was something that today's guest struggled with for a long time.

Growing up as an athlete, eating a lot and having a high level of fitness was normal for Sabrina, but when she stopped competing, her body image and health took a nosedive.

Sabrina is candid about her story and how she overcame food guilt, orthorexia, and the resulting social isolation to build a beautiful life and create health on her terms.

Sabrina is a Holistic Health, Mindset and Habit coach who helps women with a history of dieting to find peace with food, feel confident in their body again and develop a healthy lifestyle through sustainable habits they can actually stick to.

She helps women bring about long-term health behaviour change using research-driven methods to find freedom and enjoy in their healthy habits.


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Are you curious about how to start creating habits that not only shift your actions, but shift who you are?

Are you ready to shift your identity around your health and create habits and routines that match that identity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this podcast episode is for you!

I’m joined by the amazing Sabrina Magnan who is sharing her tips around creating habits that will ultimately transform who you are.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Sabrina’s story and struggle with body image and diet culture
  • How a trip to Italy forever changed the way she viewed food and her body
  • The most common mistake people make when trying to change their lifestyles in order to improve their health
  • The three different types of habits one can make and why identity change habits are the best


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The Normal World of Sabrina Magnan (2021)

The Normal World of Sabrina Magnan (2021)

In this episode of The Normal World, we'll dive into the world of Synchronized Swimming from a Canadian perspective. We’ll talk about why she started synchronized swimming, what effect diet culture had on her when she quit her elite career and how she had overcome the challenges she faced.

Sabrina started a Health Coaching company , helping women heal their relationship with food, quit dieting for good and create a healthy lifestyle rooted in compassion, self-care and long-term sustainability.

I hope by sharing this podcast I can help other ex-elite athletes or athletes that are going to retire. I also hope that this podcast will help me heal in the sense that I can create something I wish was there when I quit my elite career. Enjoy listening!

Listen to the episode here!

On this episode of Pivot180 Weekly Boost, Holistic Health Coach, Sabrina Magnan, joins to talk about how she used her past struggles with dieting and disordered eating to help others overcome their food & health challenges.

Sabrina is passionate about mindful eating, overcoming food rules, dismantling diet culture and of course, food.

Sabrina talks about the events in her life that triggered her desire to diet, how her body-focused sport affected her mindset during her teenage years, the restricting/bingeing cycle she constantly found herself in, the pivot moment in her life that helped her dismantle all the false beliefs she had around dieting & food, and how she views food NOW as a non-diet health coach.

Enjoy hearing Sabrina's top tips on how to transform your relationship with food so that you too can achieve true, genuine and sustainable health.

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Dieting sucks! On this episode of the Sip the Sauce Podcast, Sabrina Magnan - holistic health & mindset coach- is here to discuss how to change your perspective towards food so that you can

This episode is for YOU if you 👉

-Want to stop overeating and/or binging

-Want to stop obsessing or fearing their favorite foods

-Want to enjoy food and never feel guilty about it again

-Want to feel confident in their body and stop yoyo dieting

-Want to achieve sustainable health and learn how to eat nutritiously from a place of self care

-Want to feel at peace with food and their body

-Want to live life FULLY in health and happiness, without food worry and anxiety!

You'll gain some great insight on the importance of giving yourself permission to eat what your body wants & craves for long-term balanced health, and learning how to love food without abusing it.

If you struggle with your relationship with food, body image and chronic dieting, make sure to give this episode a listen!

Is the mainstream media confusing us when it comes to mental health, our bodies, and food? Do you currently struggle with trying to find the right diet or determine what you should look like? Let's talk about it on The Transform U! Live Show with Marcus Hart as your host.

Sabrina Magnan is a former elite synchronized swimmer turned Holistic Health, Mindset and Habit coach with a mission of disrupting the cultural norms of sacrificing your own mental health through restrictive dieting in the pursuit of a smaller body.

Sabrina struggled with her own issues with food, disordered eating and body image throughout her years in the sport and beyond. She helps women with a history of dieting to find peace with food, feel confident in their body again and develop a healthy lifestyle through sustainable habits they can actually stick to.

She helps women bring about long-term health behaviour change using research-driven methods to find freedom and enjoy their healthy habits.

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