Non-Diet Tip To Create Healthy and Sustainable Change

Last time, I shared with you, tip number one for creating a healthy and sustainable change that will lead to a more confident you. Right now, are you buckled in your seat to discover the next step? If you’re ready to embrace change, then you need to read this now!

Step number two doesn’t have to deal with restrictions, fad diets, dreadful exercises, and magic pills. What matters in this step is you, your identity and your belief.

Yes! You don’t have to be conscious of your calorie intake, you don’t have to track the number of hours you’re fasting and you don’t have to pay for expensive coaches that only guide you towards momentary benefits.

This step in creating a healthy and sustainable change is greatly impacted with your identity and your beliefs. Once you make a drastic change in your beliefs, your identity will follow.

I know you’re afraid to admit it, but your beliefs are shaped with the failures of the past, the misconceptions you believe in, and the generalizations you have. At the same time, these beliefs become your limitations once fear sets in and your commitment fails.

Then, you go back to square one.

But, why is it that our beliefs guide our actions and decisions? It’s because everything that we’ve learned in the past has become a lesson for us. And of course, our survival is hardwired from feelings of rejection and failure. Our human brains avoid feelings of discomfort and inconsistency.

Your self-sabotaging thoughts affect the identity you have. No matter how much you want to be a healthier person, if your beliefs circle back to your defeating thoughts, your identity will mirror what’s on your mind.

While this situation seems to be hopeless, you can still change.

You can either change your beliefs or change your reality.

You have the power to decide. You can either let your beliefs destroy you and destroy your identity. Or let it create the reality you believe in.

It’s great to keep in mind that your beliefs are crafted by the past. The past does not equate to the future. You can still succeed.

When you’re ready to believe that you can succeed, my hand is ready to take yours and guide you to the right path.