The Coaching Secret That Transforms Short-Term Results Into Life-Changing Transformations

I used to hate my job.

I spent years in University studying a subject I was not passionate about : Financial Mathematics and Economics.

When I got to the “real world”, I worked a pretty standard office job. 9-5. Same thing, day in and day out. The work was unstimulating and didn’t connect to my values. I also felt totally replaceable.

My job dissatisfaction also seemed to mutate into physical symptoms: I was achy, lethargic, unmotivated, and bloated.

Because of this general malaise, I was constantly Googling health topics at work:

“Why am I always bloated?”

“Doing nothing all day but no energy?”

“Which foods cause inflammation in body?”

“What affects does stress have on your body?”


Everything I learned fascinated me.

And whenever friends and family brought up nutrition, food or lifestyle, I was spellbound. I always wanted to know what people ate, how they ate it, and how they felt.

One day, when a friend mentioned her health struggles – I wanted to know ALL THE DETAILS—I knew I was getting really weird.

But like, weird in a non-creepy way.

Weird in a way that maybe I could harness for good. Weird in a way that I knew I could help people with the knowledge I had.

Then, like a little sunlit path splitting off from the road-to-doom, I meant my very first health coach – the women that change the trajectory of my life forever.

I now had a vision that I was determined to make a reality:

I wanted to become a health coach.

I wanted to help people eat healthier and feel better. I wanted to have a real purpose and change people’s lives.

I went to a Functional Health Coaching School, focusing on a model of health which views clients as whole people, and understands the relationships between their body, environment, diet, lifestyle, past successes and challenges, instead of seeing clients as a bunch of separate, unrelated parts.

I then got Board Certified as a Holistic Health Coach with the American Association for Natural Wellness Coaches, and began my career helping women from all over the world.

So, what is holistic health coaching exactly?

This is a question I now get constantly.

The word “holistic” might make you think of homemade granola, tie-dyed socks, and herbal remedies.

But really, “holistic” just means “comprehensive.”

A holistic health coach helps people achieve health goals by using a “whole picture” approach.

This approach acknowledges that physical health is deeply intertwined with every facet of a person’s life: relationships, mindset, spirituality, and more.

It describes a style of health coaching that has a holistic perspective.

Holistic coaches address the whole person, in the context of their life.

For example, let’s say a 50-year-old woman wants to stop eating junk food and improve her fitness.

Some health professionals may address this in a very clearly defined, isolated way: Eat better and exercise more. (They’re not wrong!)

As a holistic health coach, I might do thing a little differently. I will wonder about the reasons why this woman is eating junk food in the first place, and if there are any barriers to exercising more:

  • Is she lonely and food is her only comfort?
  • Do her grocery shopping and food prep skills need some work?
  • Is she so busy and overwhelmed that she feels she doesn’t have time to cook or exercise?
  • Does she feel so crappy about her body that she’s terrified of setting foot in a gym?
  • Are there people in her family who cry every time she tries to introduce a vegetable at the table
  • Is she sleep-deprived and having trouble finding the energy to exercise?

So instead of giving someone a plan that focuses only on diet and/or exercise, I help clients with their:

  • Life skills: food shopping and meal prep; communication with family about health priorities; time-management; mindfulness and self-awareness
  • Habits, systems, and behaviours: sleep or bedtime routines; stress-management practices; weekly or daily meal prep routines
  • Beliefs: dealing with body image issues; breaking down the “good” vs “bad” foods mentality; addressing negative associations with exercise or “dieting”; digging up meaningful reasons to change…

And so much more

So why did I go the holistic path?

When I decided I wanted to change lives in a more meaningful way then just sitting at a desk, helping rich people get richer , I of course considered all my options.

  • Should I become a nutritionist?
  • Personal trainer?
  • Therapist?

But all of those options just felt so single-faceted to me.

Would I be truly transforming my client’s health?

Would I be helping them thrive ,in all aspects of life?

With my own experience, it was clear: how you feel isn’t just about what you eat. It’s not just about if you exercise or not, or how effective your workouts are. It’s not just about what’s going on in your mind.

In fact, what if I told you that food & fitness – the typical domains of physical health- are only 16% of what determines a client’s success?

I thought my diet had always been pretty healthy. My version of “junk food” was a rice cake topped with peanut butter and honey.

And yet I was anxious, overweight, and tired all the time.

I was thinking and worrying about food : how many calories was that? Should I be eating this? What will I have for dinner? I shouldn’t have eaten that last night. If I that, I’ll gain weight.

Those thoughts consumed my mind 24/7.

I got stomach aches after every meal, and my skin was worse than it had been as a hormonal teen.

I was losing my hair and sleeping terribly.

My body was achy all the time and I had ZERO energy.

I was forcing workouts on myself, even when I KNEW my body needed rest.

I tried making smalls tweaks in my diet and exercise routine. It maybe made SOME difference. But I knew that how I felt also had to do with my sedentary job, the social anxiety I was feeling in get-togethers, and the sense of purposelessness I felt in my career.

In order to really feel better, I realized I’d have to change a bunch of things—not just my diet or exercise.

I also knew that if I wanted to help coach other people to feel better and completely change people’s lives in a lasting, MEANINGFUL way, I’d want to consider more than their diet and exercise too.

Taking a holistic approach to coaching has allowed me to discover what’s REALLY keeping people from achieving their health and fitness goals in the deepest sense.

The coaching I do is about looking at a client’s whole life and discovering what’s the problem…. BEHIND the problem?

Where do you need the most help, right now?

And what are you already good at , that we can build on?

Instead of forcing you into a lifestyle that feels foreign and forced, I meet you where you’re at and facilitate progressive changes based on YOUR life and YOUR preferences.

Optimal health looks different to everyone.

For a young stay-at-home mom, it might be balancing a certain pants size with weekly pizza nights with the family.

For a retiree in their 60s, it might be “mobility over medication” – staying off blood pressure pills and enjoying long walks with their spouse.

That’s why you need coaching that is individualized and thoughtful.

Instead of overhauling your entire life with this "all-or-nothing" mentality, setting yourself up for overwhelm and eventual failure, you need to be taken step-by-step and guided towards where you should focus first. It might be nutrition or exercise, but it could also be your sleep quality, your stress levels, or even your mindset.

Because they’re all connected: Each one can improve the others—and multiply your ability to both make and maintain progress.

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Or by the 10th wedding anniversary?

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Without turning food and fitness into a full-time job?

And without backsliding from short-lived pride and mirror selfies into enduring shame and baggy sweatshirts?

What if I told you there is a way to keep learning, growing and improving, without having to constantly have to start from scratch over and over?

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